About Us

Since 2016 EatAsia Food has been providing the best and freshest and pure vegetarian Indian food.
EatAsia Food is one of the first Restaurant in Amritsar to have introduced South Indian Food along with authentic regional Indian food. We also offer continental breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Each dish is prepared delicately to ensure freshness and authenticity. You are ensured to have an enjoyable and memorable dining experience. Our special thalis are among the most healthy and delicious preperations offered by any of the oldest dhabas in Amritsar.
We take the pride in joining the best dhabas and topping amongst with visitors delight.


Why EatAsia Food?
It is the place to go and gorge on everything that is traditionally Punjabi and steeped in Ghee (clarified butter). EatAsia Food is a favourite eating joint of young and old. This is Best Dhaba in Amritsar.
You would surely rate EatAsia Food as the most authentic Restaurant in Amritsar with a modern touch in which cleanliness, quality, service have been given due importance. Right from Sarson ka Saag to sweet dish like Firni, Kheer etc. our food quality is highly appreciated and rated as extremely mouth watering.
This EatAsia Food leads the list of all Restaurants in amritsar